As Upvest is shifting its focus to other areas in the blockchain space, we will be discontinuing Upvest's Arweave wallet service at the end of September 2020. This means that after September, you will not be able to log in to your Upvest wallet to access your Arweave tokens (AR).

Consequently, you will now need to transfer any AR tokens that remain in your Upvest wallet to another AR wallet. In case you have forgotten the password to your Upvest wallet account, please refer to our password reset guide.

Creating an Arweave wallet is easy and you can learn how to do so with Arweave’s user guide here. You can then follow these instructions to safely transfer your AR from Upvest to your new Arweave wallet.

For help and support, please feel free to contact our team directly either by email at, by creating a support ticket, or in our Telegram wallet support group.

We would like to thank the Arweave team and the Arweave community for their engagement over the past two years.