Within the Upvest platform, each blockchain asset is assigned an Asset ID, whether a native asset like Bitcoin or Ethereum, or a token standard (such as ERC-20). In order to interact with a blockchain asset via the Upvest API, it would need an Asset ID. We have already created Asset IDs for common assets and tokens, but if you wish to interact with an existing token that does yet have an Asset ID, or one of your own tokens that you've generated, you can request an Asset ID to be created.

At the moment this is still a manual process, although once sufficient demand for Asset ID creation arises, we plan on implementing a separate API call for this.

In order to request the creation of an Asset ID for a given token (currently ERC-20), please submit a support ticket and supply the following information:

  • Asset Name (e.g. Monerium EUR emoney)
  • Asset Symbol (e.g. EURe)
  • Protocol and network (we currently support Ethereum Mainnet and Ethereum Ropsten)
  • Asset Type (we currently support Ethereum ERC-20)
  • Exponent (e.g. 18)
  • Contract Address (e.g. 0x0Ae91c2b9e31E92871129117d908B0963c054048)
  • Contract Gas Limit (e.g. 95000)

Once set up, we will return to you an Asset ID (UUID) for your token.